Thank you for your interest in providing CME certified educational content for physician learners and other members of the healthcare team. This application may be completed for topics related to the prevention and clinical management of COVID-19 disease, as it relates to medical practice. The purpose of this application is to provide a rapid review process (usually less than 1 week) to obtain CME certification for eligible educational programs, in a timely manner. 

Please review the 'OVERVIEW OF CONTENT' below before proceeding.  Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation & learner sign-in instructions.

NOTE: All persons in control of content are required to complete a disclosure form. This will be sent to all persons named as planners or presenters upon approval of the application.



Sessions offered within this series will provide learners with the knowledge to identify clinical presentations, risk factors and effective treatment options for persons infected with SARS CoV-2. Content will include but is not limited to one or more of the following topics: symptoms and diagnosis, therapeutic options, treatment and prophylaxis, co-Infections, severe Illness, epidemiology and/or infection prevention. This series will also include effective measures in addressing the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Physicians, Advanced Practice Professionals, Nurses and other health care professionals who treat or counsel patients and/or coordinate infection prevention should attend. 


The COVID-19 pandemic presents ongoing challenges for the healthcare professional to stay abreast of new, relevant, timely clinical information, as well as the application of peer experiences to current situations. New information is being provided by an extensive number of sources regarding therapeutic options, treatment and prophylaxis, co-Infections, epidemiology and infection prevention. Exchange of information among peers may be limited due to time and resource constraints. The shift to remote work has led to limited or no live educational opportunities.  


Timely, relevant, evidence-based information is needed just-in-time to inform clinical decisions. Social learning is a proven effective method for peer-to-peer learning. Rapid delivery of new information is required through effective remote technology in order to provide accessible educational opportunities related to COVID-19 for healthcare professionals.  


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