Continuing Medical Education

Part of UT Southwestern’s mission is to provide lifelong learning opportunities for health care professionals. Continuing medical education (CME) courses offered through UT Southwestern’s Office of Continuing Medical and Public Education help us keep physicians, Ph.D.s, and allied health professionals at the leading edge of medicine.

Each year, thousands of health care professionals participate in activities provided by UT Southwestern’s CME Office such as seminars, workshops, teleconferences, and self-directed learning offerings, among others.

All activities adhere to the guidelines and standards of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Learn more about the Office of Continuing Medical and Public Education at UT Southwestern.

Pending Activities



EthosCE is a Web-based content and learning management system specifically designed by educational experts and technologists to streamline and enhance the administration of continuing education activities.

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