The requirement for physicians to obtain ‘Pain Management and the Prescription of Opioids Credit’ is mandated by the State. Please provide responses to each of the questions below. Upon review and approval of this request, 'Pain Management and the Prescription of Opioid' credit is awarded by the Office of CME. 

The ‘Pain Management and the Prescription of Opioids’ activity must involve the study of one or more of the following three topics:

  • Best practices, alternative treatment options, and multi-modal approaches to pain management that may include physical therapy, psychotherapy, and other treatments;
  • Safe and effective pain management related to the prescription of opioids and other controlled substances, including education on the following 3 topics:
      • standards of care;
      • identification of drug-seeking behavior in patients; and
      • effectively communicating with patients regarding the prescription of an opioid or other controlled substances; and
  • Prescribing and monitoring of controlled substances.