JS1409 Sante Center for Healing:Maintaining Proper Boundaries: Ethics and Boundaries (050714-050914)

Argyle, TX US
May 7, 2014 to May 9, 2014

Background and need for activity.

Target Audience

Participants in the Maintaining Proper Boundaries Course are generally referred by hospital and clinic administrators, continuing care counselors for treatment programs for professionals in crisis, physician health programs, attorneys, State Board of Medical Examiners and other regulatory authorities. Often the participant has crossed a professional boundary in the workplace, or engaging in misconduct or other behavior that is against medical ethics, corporate/institutional policy, or state statues/law. Participants enter the course, unaware of ethics, laws, and often feel angry, thinking they have been unjustly required or requested to attend the course. Most are attending to be compliant with an authority, think they know the "correct answer" and have minimal desire to change behaviors.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant should be able to:

The goal of the course is for all participants to be knowledgeable of the scope of general and sexual boundaries that are the basis of ethical standards, policies and laws and the impact of boundary crossings and violations to victims of the behavior. Additionally, the course is designed to give the participant an opportunity to learn how his/her own family of origin plays a role in how he/she interacts with others and when each is either unable to maintain a boundary or honor a boundary both in and outof the workplace. By the end of the course, the goal is for participants to have the knowledge and skill to set and maintain proper boundaries both in the workplace and in other areas of their lives.

Course summary
Available credit: 
  • 21.00 AMA
  • 21.00 Attendance
  • 3.00 Ethics
Course opens: 
Course expires: 
Event starts: 
05/07/2014 - 8:00am CDT
Event ends: 
05/09/2014 - 3:00pm CDT
Sante Center for Healing
914 Country Club Road
Argyle, TX 76226
United States

H. Alan LaGrone, MD- Course Director

Dean White, DDS, MS- Speaker
H. Alan LaGrone, MD, PhD- Speaker
Rick Gordon, LCSW, CSAT- Speaker
Victor Vines, MD- Speaker
Steve Tryling, MS, LPC, LCDC, CSAT- Speaker
Faye Reimers, PhD- Speaker
Shawna Gallagher, MA, MASW- Speaker
Pepper Harper, MS Counseling, CAMS-S- Speaker



Available Credit

  • 21.00 AMA
  • 21.00 Attendance
  • 3.00 Ethics


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