Title Category Credit Event date Cost
EM2007F "Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia – from “Chemo”-therapy to “Chronic” therapy" (IM GR-072420)
  • AMA
$0.00 The presentation aims to provide an update on the recent advances in the management of patients with CLL, the most prevalent leukemia in the western hemisphere. We will specifically focus on how these advances impact the multi-disciplinary management of patients with CLL, especially with regards to various non-oncologic medical specialties. Given the improved survival and changes in treatment paradigms we will discuss new data and suggest management options to provide better comprehensive care to our patients.
EM2007E “Faculty Growth, Development and Sustenance in Academic Medicine: Moving from Merry-Go-Round to Escalator” (IM GR-073120)
  • AMA
$0.00 Purpose: This presentation will examine the development of academic medicine and its progress, particularly as it relates to UT Southwestern.
TMS Strategies in Clinical Care: Going Beyond the Clinical Phenotype in Depression with EEG and Machine Learning (RP2010A-080520)
  • AMA
  • Attendance
08/05/2020 $0.00 The course will present the latest information in the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for the treatment of psychiatric conditions. It will seek to explain how and why TMS works was a treatment for mood disorders. The program will conclude with practical takeaways for psychiatric practitioners utilizing TMS as a treatment for patients, including practical considerations for special populations.