Title Credits Type Cost
The Target Newsletter: Radiation therapy with heavy ions: physical, biological and clinical rationale (EM1509A) 0.50 enduring $0.00
The Target Newsletter: Accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI): options and new horizons (EM1509A) 0.50 enduring $0.00
The Target Newsletter: Management of Choroidal Melanoma (EM1509A) 0.50 enduring $0.00
20th Annual Dallas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium (RP1703D) 11.50 live $1,100.00
34th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium (RP1703E) 23.50 live $1,500.00
EMS State of the Science: A Gathering of Eagles XIX (RP1702B) 16.25 live $395.00
Update in Internal Medicine 2017 (RP1704A) 22.00 live $485.00
19th Annual Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Scientific Day: Women and Rehabilitation - Bridging Generations (RP1706A) 6.00 live $95.00
2nd The Right Scan From Head to Toe: Radiology Utilization Conference (RP1705B) 7.25 live $100.00
The Target Newsletter: Exploiting the immunomodulatory properties of radiation therapy (EM1801A) 0.50 enduring $0.00
UT Southwestern - Texas Health Resources Cardiovascular Symposium (RP1703I) 3.50 live $50.00
EM1702J "What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: The Everlasting Controversies over PSA Testing" (IM GR-022417) 1.00 enduring $0.00
EM1703M "Ophthalmic Disease: A Rheumatologist's View" (IM GR-030317) 1.00 enduring $0.00
Dallas Advanced Heart Failure Symposium (RP1705D) 4.50 live $25.00
Interprofessional Symposium on Quality Assurance and Improvement in Collaborative Practice (RP1704C) 3.00 live $50.00