RSS Activity Process Update

This is just a friendly follow up to the original Process Update message to remind you of our standard practices and timeline going forward.


New! Text to Sign-In

Hello RSS Coordinators,  

Based on the tremendous feedback received from our learners, we have made the decision to offer a ‘Text to Sign in’ option for all Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)/Grand Rounds Activities. So what does this mean?  

  • Starting Dec 14th, we will no longer be supporting the dial in option for signing into RSS/grand rounds activities 
  • Texting the event ID will be the updated and preferred procedure for sign in 
  • The call in option is discontinued. The number for text to sign-in has changed – so save new number (972-573-8343) in phones to text or enter on the website!
  • Please use the Coming Soon slide at your upcoming sessions to notify attendees of the change 
  • Begin using the (Updated!) New Event ID slide attached for all sessions starting Dec 14th  
  • The online sign in option is now located at, and will still be available for those that prefer not to utilize the texting feature 

This transition will allow us to better serve our learners as well as track credits for the 90+ RSS activities we oversee on campus and virtually. We want to thank our colleagues who volunteered to serve on the Focus Group representing you, their peers, to facilitate a smooth transition in this new process. 

We ask that you share this information with your regular attendees and Course Director(s) in advance of the Dec 14th switch so as not to take anyone by surprise.  

We welcome any questions or concerns you may have at this time! Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Changes to Cell phone Sign in start Monday, Dec 14th!

  • ONLY Methods for sign in: Text the Event ID to the NEW number 972-573-8343 or enter Event ID at NEW website
  • DELETE the previous dial-in number and/or website shortcuts from your phone as they will be deactivated
  • Please use the UPDATED Event ID slide for all sessions starting next week

2 weeks prior-to session

Create session folder in SharePoint

  • Dated session folder is created in SharePoint by RSS Coordinator as soon as a session has been scheduled (more than 2 weeks in advance) 
  • If a session folder is not created in SharePoint at least 2 weeks in advance, our office will assume you are not holding a session
  • Monica will send the Coordinator the Session Course link 2 weeks prior to the session date (i.e. ‘321_022821’ Course link will be emailed on 2/14/21) 
  • RSS Coordinator will add faculty upon receipt of the course link and start the clock on the disclosure collection in Ethos 

If Session Course links are needed in advance of the 2-week standard Timeline: 

  • Dated session folders must already be created in SharePoint before special request is submitted 
  • RSS Coordinator will send an email request to Monica for specific sessions; links will not be created for sessions more than 2 months out from request date (i.e. Request emailed 2/1/2021 for sessions through 4/30/21) 
  • Monica will have up to 10 business days to accommodate request  

Track Disclosure form completion

  1. Upon receipt of the Session Course link, please promptly add the Faculty so that the disclosures can be collected
    • You may follow up with faculty to update their disclosure form at this link, or review their disclosure form at this link.
    • To allow for better tracking of disclosures, we are now requesting that coordinators add all faculty to the course pages so that the faculty list in the course page matches the DTL listing. This would include the speaker(s) for the session as well as everyone who contributes to the educational content, such as course director and planning committee member(s). 
      • To bypass the outgoing email for people you will add week-to-week, such as course directors, when you go to Add Faculty in the course page, do NOT select “Disclosure Attestation” under Form Type. If this isn’t selected, no email will go out and we can avoid overwhelming them with emails every week.
  2. Notify the CME office of any reported financial relationships/potential conflicts of interest at least 1 week prior to the session

3 days prior-to session

Upload RSS documentation to SharePoint

Announcements and DTLs must be uploaded to the respective SharePoint session folder at least 3 business days in advance of the session in order for proper review/approval of the session. Event IDs are generated upon approval of this documentation and once all conflicts of interest are resolved.

Day of Session

Provide Announcement, Disclosure to Learner (DTL) listing, Event ID to learners prior-to session

New Event ID resources (Text to Sign-in)

REMINDER: Please note the transition to the new text to sign-in process starting 12/14/20. 

  • Event ID slide (New version-UPDATED!)
  • Virtual meeting chat messages: (Insert the unique Event ID for the session). We suggest posting at login, mid-way and at the end of your session.
    • TEXT <Event ID> to 972-573-8343 or log in and enter at to receive CME or attendance credit for this session.
    • TEXT <Event ID> to 972-573-8343 or log in and enter at to receive CME or attendance credit for this session. Do not call. Please note the number and webpage have changed! The Event ID for this session is available today only! You will receive a message confirming your attendance has been recorded.
  • Mobile Sign-in Help Page for further assistance
    • Includes confirmation messages and responses!
  • Online option: Alternatively, attendance can be recorded online through your desktop or mobile web browser by going to (you must be signed into your profile to access)
  • Technical assistance: If you or your learners have any questions, email your assigned program coordinator



  • To TEXT to enter the Event ID
  • Calling to enter the Event ID
  • Using the NEW number: 972-573-8343
  • Using the old number: 214-306-4813
  • Going to old websites for online sign-in option:,
  • To enter the alphanumeric Event ID today only
  • Using numeric-only Event ID, or miss signing-in
  • Receive a confirmation message
  • Confirmation messages not available


Grand Rounds New Coordinator Orientation

RSS Coordinator Workshop Slides



OCME Contact info


Working with CME course faculty

CME Transcripts

Transcripts from 2014-present are available for learners online at If they cannot recall their password, they can request a password reset at this link: 


Updating your online CME Disclosure form (guide)

To update your disclosure:

  1. Log in to your profile 
    1. If you do not recall your password, you can request a new one at this link:
  2. Go directly to your disclosure form here:
  3. Review the information for accuracy/current status
  4. Hit SAVE at the bottom of the page. - link to direct CME course faculty to view their pending forms once they have signed in

Additional Resources